Create hope.  Nurture strength.  Transform lives.

For a family with young children facing homelessness, every day can be overwhelming and frightening. Support and generosity from members of the community can provide these families with hope, strength and inspiration …and the opportunity to regain self-sufficiency.

At least 750,000 men, women, and children in America will go to bed today in an emergency shelter, in shared quarters with a relative, or in some other setting that defines them as homeless.  Over 14,000 experience homelessness each night in Illinois.

Sadly, families with children account for close to 50 percent of America’s homeless, and one out of every four homeless persons is a child.

These families live and work in relative obscurity.  Many have become homeless due to a housing, health care, or financial crisis.  They've exhausted their network of family and friends they can turn to for help.

Homelessness is especially stressful for children; 74% worry they will have no place to live; 58% worry they will have no place to sleep; 87% worry that something bad will happen to their family. School attendance is often poor.

At Family Promise Chicago North Shore, we work to change this. Our solution is unique. We do more than provide emergency shelter and meals. We provide families with a supported pathway to self-sufficiency.



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