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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of homelessness?

  • Lack of affordable housing - The most prevalent cause
  • Unemployment - Losing a job or even hours, especially at minimum wage, often can tip a family into the streets
  • Family break up When a parent leaves the family, the family income goes with them, leaving the remaining parent to carry the burden on their own
  • Domestic Violence - Leaving an abusive relationship can cut off financial resources and stable support systems   


Who are the homeless?

People!  Individuals, families, mothers, fathers, children.  People just like you.

  • A low income family has a house fire and loses everything.  The little insurance they had may build a structure, but will not replace personal belongings.  Rebuilding will take months.  They end up living with a sister and her children in an already too small apartment.
  • A family suffers from corporate downsizing.  The household bread winner is laid off.  They have a little money in savings, but after four months of looking for work, the money is gone.  One parent must stay home to attend to the three small children.  They borrow money from family to last another month, but then where will they turn?
  • A spouse cannot cope with the responsibility of a family anymore and leaves a 14 year marriage.  The remaining spouse, left with a teenager who is a mother of an 8 month old baby herself, has no money, no car and no job. What's next? They must stay at a shelter.

The need is large and growing!  In 2018 an Evanston District 65 official reported over 200 children in the district are in a homeless situation. The housing crisis and economy has further increased the urgency to help families in homeless situations.