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Our mission is to help families with young children in homeless situations return quickly to permanent housing. We provide emergency shelter, meals, job search assistance and other support for families, while working to address the causes of their homelessness.


Our goals are ambitious and achievable:

  • Family Promise will help families with children facing homeless situations find permanent housing and, through our continuum of supportive services and partners, help them achieve sustainable self-sufficiency.
  • Family Promise will ensure families with children remain intact during their housing crisis so dads can stay with their family and boys over the age of 13 remain with their siblings and parents. 
  • Family Promise will maintain an 85% or greater rate of families we serve moving into permanent housing.
  • Family Promise will continue to work with families we serve in assuring they remain self-sufficient.


Core Values & Guiding Principle

We have a few strong and enduring beliefs that guide the rightness of our decisions. These are our core values and are grounded in our compassion for others and our shared vision of keeping families who are dealing with homeless situations united, safe, and hopeful.

Core Values:

  • With help, people can take control of their own lives.
  • We will provide the highest quality services in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • In order for our program to be effective, families must demonstrate initiative in taking steps toward self-sufficiency.
  • Working in partnership with other organizations is a necessary component of delivering quality services.
  • We will raise awareness about the needs of homeless families to help eradicate family homelessness in our communities.

Guiding Principle:

Services that address the root causes of homelessness can effect lasting change.