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Our Successes

Success is having our guests achieve sustainable self-sufficiency! 

Because we accept only three to four families at a time into our program, we are better able to achieve a long-term positive outcome.   By staying in touch with our guests after they graduate from our program, we're able to measure our longer-term impact.  And when our guests tell us the impact Family Promise has had on their families, we know we're successful!

What Family Promise guests have to say: 

"I never would have imagined that people who didn't know us would help me and my family in such a caring way.  I am forever grateful!"  ~ Carl (father of one)

"Family Promise felt like home and they made it possible for my daughter to stay at her same school.  For me, the best thing was that we were able to be around other families!"  ~ Jovet (single mother of one)

"The people at Family Promise were so helpful.  I was able to achieve my goals of finding employment and keeping my kids in their same schools.  Thank you Family Promise! ~ Cyril & Katrina (parents of two)

"I didn't know what to expect.  The volunteers made me feel so welcomed.  It was the first time I felt like my family was safe and I could believe it was possible for things to get better.  You gave me hope!"  ~ Family Promise Guest

"The volunteers don't have any idea the wonderful impact they have had on my family.  They have really helped me and my family and we will never forget what they did for us.  Thank you Family Promise!"  ~ Family Promise Guest

"Family Promise gave us the stability of having somewhere to go everyday and have dinner for my kids everyday.  Family Promise is an exceptional program!"  ~ Karen (single mother of two)


Graduation marks a new beginning for guest families

When a guest family reaches their goals, a Family Promise graduation is held to celebrate this very special occasion.   The graduation, which is attended by many volunteers, staff, board members and former guests, marks a new beginning for the family.